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Apr. 1st, 2009


For the people that don't know me, I think plaid is FUCKING AWESOME!

One of my good friends is setting up a clothing business and....


If I were a girl, I would so totally like, wear this.

Here's the site.


Check it out... or die.

Feb. 15th, 2009

Whales Do Not Sing

Susan Milius in an article entitled "Music without Borders" from Science News said that humpback whales are "inveterate composers" and their so-fucking-called songs are "strikingly similar to human musical traditions".

The fallout:


Welcome to the serene world of the Humpback whale. The haunting sounds of these creatures resonate through the blueness of their idyllic ocean home. This underwater sojourn is a celebration of our planets most awesome inhabitants."


Two things.

First, a series of "clicks, whistles and hums" that sound more like groans, burps and farts are NOT songs. Much less music.

Second, the CD goes up for $16. That's 800 fucking pesos to listen to something you can hear yourself do after eating Mexican food.

Look, I don't care how much of a fucking hippie you are but remember, no matter how much acid you drop, whales do not sing.

They never fucking did.

And they never fucking will.

At least not in our lifetimes.

Now for a shameless plug.
Here's a more serious take on something somewhat similar
Shit. He plugged his other blog.

Jan. 22nd, 2009

We Actually Took This Question Seriously

Who would make the better photographer?

Jan. 3rd, 2009


A Kultura exhibit featuring some kickass artists

the visual arts genius (and i mean it) valerie chua
the multi palanca award winning joem antonio
the fucking legendary x vallez
the often underappreciated but god awfully brilliant maggie yoingco
the man that deserves a slot in genius of photography dae lee
and some guy named joao atienza

the following sick minds will be doing

their own artsy fartsy interpretations of our stuff

ag demesa, lolo visco, nikki arellano, alex tsai, cholo isungga, grant delfin,
eloise duran, draco moreno, marion esquillo, and jv ramos

so basically, this is a shitload of bang for your buck...
well... the exhibit is free...
so fuck yeah!

additional details

jan 5 - 12

li seng giap lobby, acb building, university of asia and the pacific

kinna kwan is the project head... so if you don't show up,
she will kill you in ways so painful, your screams will be heard throughout
nine different time zones


by the way, there's free food at lunch time

Dec. 31st, 2008

New Year

Happy New Year!

Fuck yeah!

Dec. 7th, 2008

Go Philippines!

Once again, good has triumphed over evil!

Our savior has once again defeated the Spanish menace!

Manila is the new Zion!

The earth is flat!

All hail Pacquiao!

Fuck GMA!

PETA rules!

Nov. 13th, 2008

The Times They Are a Changin'

I figured that I might as well write about how things are going. So.. Yeah..

The times they are a changin'

I'm graduating

My baby brother is in college.


AG de Mesa no longer wears eyeliner

Jonathan Guillermo is my classmate


Norman Tan kicks ass as a photorgapher

TJ Aguirre kicks ass as a magician


a hawaiian is now the president of the united states

Joem Antonio is now on the brink of a PhD

Ian Amane is in Singapore


... I realize that this looks like a bunch of plurks plopped on a blog entry. Sorry about that.

Well... Amidst all this change, we can be sure of one thing...

PETA still sucks.

Nov. 2nd, 2008

Total War and Technology

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, advances in technology was seen as a deterrent to large scale war.

Epic fail...

Nowadays, totally different story.

This sunnovabitch ain't gonna be an effective soldier anytime soon.

Oct. 27th, 2008

For Once, I Agree With PETA

I fucking love this campaign.

Taken from PETA's Website.

"In the U.S., homelessness is not just a human problem. U.S. animal shelters must put to death nearly 4 million dogs and cats every year because of simple math: too many animals and not enough worthy adoptive homes. You can help prevent this; it's as easy as ABC—Animal Birth Control!

Never Breed or Buy. Always Adopt. Always Spay and Neuter.

The Goal: A 'No-Birth' Nation The only way to make our communities "no-kill" is to work toward a "no-birth" nation through legislative measures that mandate spaying or neutering unless a proper permit is purchased, with permit revenues used solely to subsidize sterilization surgeries for low-income families and citizens."

Holy shit. The way to save animal kind is to make sure that they don't reproduce?

Count me in.

Oct. 25th, 2008

On The Highest Form of Art (Foundations Paper)

So... X and Bok have both been posting papers on here. Just figured I would jump on the bandwagon.


When we last left Johnny, he had just resolved a crisis involving his place in the world as a humanist. Since then, he has volunteered to help in the conduction of a summer preparatory program for some highschool students in his area. One day, a student approaches him and asks what the highest form of art is. Johnny ponders and answers, “The highest form of art is that which allows man to best express himself.”

“The art that best expresses a person’s humanity,” Johnny thinks to himself.

“Oh,” the student replies, “so it really is poetry”, and walks off.

As a musician, Johnny is taken aback by the statement stops and ponders upon what just happened. The conclusion drawn by the student is compelling. Basically, what he said was that poetry is the highest form of art and the argument is as follows:


Poetry is the art that allows man to best express his humanity.

The art that allows man to best express his humanity is the highest form of art.

Therefore, poetry is the highest form of art.


The basic assumption of this argument is the definition of art taken as a creative and beautiful human product done for its own sake that is an expression of the creator’s (with a small “c”) inner world with the receiver of the art. Contained in this definition are a number of basic components. First, art is the product of a process (as implied in the word “creative”).  Second, the piece has to be deliberate by virtue of its being the product of a human act. Finally, art is, by definition, an attempt at the expression of the artist’s inner world while at the same time making it understandable to others.

The bulk of this argument lies in the first premise and the assertion that poetry is the art that allow man to best express his humanity. Why, if you will, is poetry the art form that best fits the definition of art? If one can answer this question, it can be concluded that poetry is, in fact the art that allows man to best express his humanity.

The answer to this burning question is rooted in the human being’s rational nature. It is usually said that language is the highest expression of the human being’s rationality in that he or she is able to take an external reality and assign a verbal sign to signify it. Only human beings are able to process the world in this way. After this, what the human being is able to do is come up with a non verbal, that is, written symbol to signify the verbal. Man, for example, will experience the external reality of a green and brown thing that grows out of the ground when a seed is put in that spot. What follows is the word tree as spoken in that manner. Once this is established, the word tree is given a written form that is “tree” as spelled out. The outcome of this process is, if you will, the ammunition the poet uses in his poetry and because it is the highest form of the expression of man’s rationality, it should follow that it is the art that allows man best to express his humanity.

With regard to the expression of the artist’s inner world, because of its use of language as the raw material for the piece, poetry works brilliantly in this regard. Words are highly specific and offer a degree of clarity probably unparalleled by any other art form. Words, or groups of words put together are capable specifying one particular reality in space and time. For example, “the leftmost chair in the first row of the chairs in UA&P’s ACB 301 classroom is a red swivel chair 1.3 meters high at noontime today when sat on by Teddy”. At the same time, words are capable to giving an abstraction of this concept. For example, the word “chairs”. Furthermore, through the use of metaphor, the poet is able to express a non-physical reality such as “happiness” by likening it to a physical reality thus expressing his inner world better. “Happiness is two kinds of ice cream”, would serve as an example to this end.

Even if it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words it is theoretically possible to represent the ideas in a picture given a number of words. To further add to that, the mastery of language required in poetry ought to be able to express what is to be expressed in terms of terse language.

Johnny pauses and thinks to himself, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a musical excerpt is worth a thousand pictures”.

Given this statement, one ought to be able to intuitively conclude that is not poetry but rather music that is the highest form of art, that is to say, music is the form of art that best expresses a person’s humanity. Basically, the argument ought to read:


Music is the art that allows man to best express his humanity.

The art that allows man to best express his humanity is the highest form of art.

Therefore, music is the highest form of art.


Given the argument presented earlier, why should we consider music the highest form of art and not poetry? The answers lie in the expression of man’s inner world as part of the definition of art and the expression of the artist’s humanity as part of the art’s function.

First of all, how reliable is poetry as an expression of man’s inner world, really? Given the arsenal that is available in terms of vocabulary and the like, one might conclude that it is an excellent form of expression. To an extent, yes it is very good. However, it falls short in that it cannot truly express the most incommunicable of man’s inner world, that is, it does not adequately express man’s emotions. As much as it attempts to concretize an abstract by use of metaphor, it does not fully encapsulate the emotion intended to be expressed. “Playing the drums in your own school band,” for example, may be used to express a poet’s happiness. But really, what is the phrase saying? Basically, it is saying that playing the drums in a school band is an activity that resembles the abstract concept of happiness but does not truly represent it. The fact that it has to go through layers of interpretation before arriving at the concept “happiness” implies that there is something lost in the translation of this emotion from experience to paper. Furthermore, what is described is not happiness in itself but rather a description of something that one may or may not have experienced and stating that the emotion is something like that.

Music, on the other hand, is an excellent mode of expression in terms of the communication of the inner world in that it has to pass through less in terms of layers of decoding. When a person hears a piece of music, he or she doesn’t have to go through the process of connecting the physical reality to the abstract concept by deciphering the metaphor. When one hears a piece of sad music, one knows that the music is sad. One knows that the composer wanted to express a feeling of sadness when composing the piece. Other than that, one really cannot put to words the experience on gets when listening to a piece of music, and that is precisely the point. Music is able to communicate and express a facet of the inner world that all other forms of art have difficulty communicating and expressing. It is, therefore, not bound by external images as a means to communicating that which is most difficult to communicate.

In this case, no amount of rationality will be able to come close to sense of calm, finality, and rest one feels when hearing an octave played in unison. Music, in other words, is a better means by which man’s inner world is expressed.

Another problem with using language as the raw material for a piece of art is the fact that language draws from specific experiences of either an individual or the specific experiences of a culture. The example that comes to mind is the fact that the language of the Eskimo people have a multitude of words to describe types of snow while the Philippines has one word to describe an abstract concept that is outside of the experience of the average Filipino. In this sense, poetry really cannot be the art that best expresses the artist’s humanity. By talking about humanity, one is implying the presence of a nature that is common to all human beings. Using language as a means of expression, as is the case with poetry, one does not highlight the universality of human nature and experience but rather does the opposite. In fact, what the use of language does is highlight the differences in people and does not do very well as an expression of what it is to be human.

While it may be argued that integral to humanity is the variety experience, and music does very little to show this facet of humanity, non-Western musical traditions show otherwise. Indian and Chinese pitch collections, for example, are built quite differently from the 12 tone collection of the Western tradition. This does not, however, discount the basic, more universal aspects of music. For example, no matter where one goes, all pieces of music will inevitably have a melody in some way, shape, or form. In terms of expressing human emotion, the tempo of a celebratory piece, for example, is almost unequivocally fast whereas the tempo of a more sombre, brooding piece is almost unequivocally slow. Music, therefore manages to appeal to a universal human experience while at the same time call to mind the fact that there are differences among peoples separated by space and time.

Music, therefore, allows man to best express his humanity because it is the art form that directly highlights the similarity in human experience while at the same time acknowledging the variety associated with human experience.

And now we return to Johnny.

Convinced the student that approached him was wrong; Johnny chases the student up the stairs and into the classroom where they are to have their class on literature.

“The highest form of art is music,” Johnny says as he bursts into the room, breathless.

“Really?” the student asks. “But Sir Chris says its poetry.”

“He’s wrong,” Johnny replies. “And here’s why.”

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